Clarify the work that really feeds your soul, then keep yourself accountable.

Take better action in a six week workshop.

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What's the most powerful thing I can do right now?

The Prosperity Code is where you find your most direct path to work that fulfills you and also brings prosperity, in just 6 weeks.

I have trained and worked with:

Gurus of enlightened business, eg "The New Dharma" (Scott Forgey of Be Un, Jen Boulden of Market Your Movement),

Gurus of human development at Harvard (Carol Gilligan of In a Different Voice, Howard Gardner of Multiple Intelligences, Robert Selman of Perspective-Taking),

and Gurus of reiki and meditation (Pamela Miles of Reiki in Medicine, Culadasa of The Mind Illuminated)...

to develop a life-changing system of simple practices with a compass that clarifies one’s most direct path to meaningful work -- with solid results in 6 weeks. And it's for change makers. People like you.

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Minda Aguhob

Executive Director, The Co-Caring Initiative


Job seekers, solo entrepreneurs and corporate volunteers find their most direct path to work that fulfills them and brings prosperity in just 6 weeks in the Prosperity Code program.

The Prosperity Code is a mindfulness leadership program with practices that help leaders more rapidly develop ideas, teams and partnerships that change the world. Begins June 14 2023.

Enroll by May 26 and receive $275 off the program fee.

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"During the Prosperity Code program, two large clients came to me out of the blue with deeply meaningful projects for full-time work. I learned that I catalyze energy and ideas into something others can build from. This revelation has saved me so much time, as it gave me the freedom to choose only meaningful work that's aligned with the seeker, counselor, creative, and devoted humanitarian I am."

-Heidi Jo Wayco-Berden, freelance writer & editor

"I am immensely grateful for the guidance and support I received during The Prosperity Code program. Your program enabled me to launch my tax business, where I found inspiration and a passion for serving families with special needs.

As I expand my team and hire new talent, I am filled with gratitude and eager anticipation for our continued impact. Thank you!"

-Yama Bassam, impact investor & entrepreneur